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Advanced Hardware Development Engineer


We are looking for an Advanced Hardware Development Engineer (Electrical Engineer / Communication Engineer) who will join our R&D team in optical communication modules and elements development. The workplace is flexible.

1. Engage in hardware circuit design and testing of 100G, 400G digital optical module and coherent optical module

2. Responsible for optical module scheme design, device selection, schematic diagram design, PCB design and debugging

3. Assisted in reviewing PCB layout design and simulation of all projects, and assisted in designing technical difficulties and solving problems

4. Responsible for tracking and solving problems of products in the research and development stage and pilot production stage

5. Responsible for customer sample delivery and problem solving of optical module products

6. Responsible for the manufacturability design of products to ensure that the modules have the capability of productization.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic communication, good English

2. At least 3 years' experience in high-speed module circuit design, with successful development experience of optical transceiver modules with a rate of more than 100G, understand the background of coherent optical modules and coherent communication technology

3. Familiar with the application environment of optical module, proficient in relevant protocols, and familiar with optical communication theory

4. Proficient in the application design and debugging of analog and digital circuits

5. Proficient in high-speed circuit design, electromagnetic wave transmission theory and simulation, with strong circuit analysis ability

6. Strong learning ability and problem analysis ability, able to meet new technology research and development challenges.



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