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100G QSFP28

100G QSFP28

What is 100G QSFP28?

100G QSFP28 is a four-channel, pluggable, parallel, optical fiber optical transceiver module, using MPO or LC interface, compatible with IEEE802.3bm, SFF-8636 and other standards, with low power consumption, small size, high speed and other characteristics. It is beneficial to increase the capacity of the data center, increase port density, and reduce power consumption. It is widely used in large-scale data centers, 100G Ethernet, ITU-T OTU4 and other environments.

100G QSFP28 has QSFP28 SR4, QSFP28 LR4, QSFP28 ER4, QSFP28 ZR4. "QSFP" refers to the package of the optical module; "28" means that the maximum transmission rate of each channel is 28Gbps; "SR" means short distance (maximum 100m), "LR" means long distance (maximum 10km), " ER" means extended distance (maximum 40km); "4" means that the module has 4 channels.

Features and advantages of 100G QSFP28

1. QSFP28 optical module (Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable 28) is a hot-swappable module designed for 100G data transmission and is often used in the telecommunications industry, enterprise networks and data centers. 

2. 100G QSFP28 optical fiber is an excellent choice for data center infrastructure and long-distance transmission applications. The QSFP28 module integrates 4 transmission and 4 reception channels, each of which can operate at a speed of 25 Gbps, and achieves an aggregate data rate of 100 Gbps over 100 meters through OM4 MMF.

3. The 100G Ethernet QSFP28 transceiver is designed for 100G Ethernet applications using a fixed 103.25 Gbps data rate, including 100G SR4 defined by IEEE 802.3ba/802.3bm, BiDi SR4, LR4, ER4 Lite, ZR4, and 20GSM defined by PSM Definition and CWDM4/CLR4 modules defined by the 100G CWDM4 MSA and 100G CLR4 Alliance.

4. 100G QSFP28 can provide customers with various high-density and low-power 100 Gb Ethernet connection options provider applications for data centers, high-performance computing networks, enterprise core and distribution layers, and services.

Why choose 100G QSFP28?

The improvement of network center security requirements of data centers and large Internet companies, and in order to strengthen the control of information content security, enterprises or governments usually use deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, the DPI industry has developed rapidly. The optical modules used for DPI devices have also evolved from 10G/40G to 100G rates in the past. Aiming at the feature that the traffic collection device in DPI only needs to collect optical signals, Guanglian has developed a series of DPI optical modules for network security monitoring applications in optical transmission networks, which can even meet the information security requirements in 5G networks. Our technology, Our competitive advantage. Our 100G QSFP28 can solve all compatibility problems for you, contact us!

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