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Optical Transceiver vs Optical Module

Mar. 26, 2022

Optical modules are deployed to update the communication networks and data center networks for efficient traffic management with higher speeds. Optical networks are the backbone of mobile communication networks. With the growing demand for reliable and high-speed mobile communication, optical transceivers are increasingly being used for the communication network infrastructure and be bound to thrive in optical networks.

What Is An Optical Module?

An optical module also called fiber optic transceiver or optical transceiver is a typically hot-pluggable device used in high-bandwidth data communications applications. Transceiver modules typically have an electrical interface on the side that connects to the inside of the system and an optical interface on the other side that connects to the various devices through a fiber optic cable. 

An optical module functions as a photoelectric converter that converts the electrical signal into light and vice versa. There are multiple transceiver module types available that can be used in telecommunications applications. The different specs and designs are widely used to meet the changing needs of designers.

25GBASE 100m Optical Transceiver Module

25GBASE 100m Optical Transceiver Module

Optical Module Specifications

GBIC was the earliest 1G module. The SFP interface was designed after the GBIC interface, and due to its smaller size, SFP is sometimes known as Mini-GBIC. SFP modules are commercially available with the capability for data rates up to 100M or 1000M/1G. A variant standard, XENPAK module which is capable of 10Gbit/s is designed in 2001. However, advances in technology led to more compact form factors for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. 

Soon after 2001, two related standards emerged: XPAK and X2. Later on, vendors generally changed to use XFP modules for longer distances, and SFP+ modules for high density. As escalating demand for higher speed and bandwidth, 25GbE optics like SFP28 Modules, 40GbE optics like QSFP/QSFP+ modules, and 100GbE optics like CFP transceiver and QSFP28 modules are being widely used. 

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Optical Transceiver 

The optical transceiver is a functional plug-in and is a separate active device. The equipment can be used alone with the power supply. the optical transceiver is relatively fixed, and replacement and upgrade will be more troublesome than the optical module. fiber optic transceivers are much more economical and applicable but need to consider many factors such as adapters, light status, network cable status, etc., transmission loss accounts for 30% about.

100GB Optical Transceiver Module

100GB Optical Transceiver Module (COB Packaging)

How to connect 

there are several points to note when connecting the optical module and the fiber transceiver: the wavelength and the transmission distance must be the same, for example, the wavelength is 1310nm or 850nm at the same time, and the transmission distance is 10km; the fiber jumper or pigtail must be the same interface to connect, generally The SC port used by the optical fiber transceiver, and the LC port used by the optical module. 

This point will prompt the choice of interface type when purchasing. At the same time, the speed of the optical fiber transceiver and the optical module must be the same. For example, a gigabit transceiver corresponds to a 1.25G optical module, a 100M connects to a 100M, and a gigabit connects to a gigabit; the fiber type of the optical module must be the same.

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